sábado, junho 18, 2005

Um dia ele chegou tão diferente do seu jeito de sempre chegar...

brownbunny Posted by Hello

Eu sou sua menina, viu?
E ele é o meu rapaz
Meu corpo é testemunha
Do bem que ele me faz

Chico Buarque


Anonymous alguém no IMDB said...

This film is not about the road, it's not even about the driver it's about simple loss and pain. On the somewhat tortuous road of life, professional biker Bud Clay just roams around the biker's circuit, unable to communicate with others. Bud is not only contemplating life nor does he have plans to kill himself. He tries to live. He talks to people that he meets on the road, he just doesn't seem to connect with them. There's something in his past that has just changed his perspective on things. How do you survive your mistakes? Can someone unbreak a window? Those are the questions Vincent Gallo invites us to answer, in a simple, sometimes even brisk way. Either you embark on his voyage or you don't. If you do, chances are you'll get all your money's worth on powerful emotions. For all it matters this is one of the most intelligent movies I've seen in a long long time.

8:22 da manhã  
Blogger Davi Reis said...

Gosto da foto, do Chico e do título. Mais arrojado. Me gusta. :)

9:59 da manhã  
Blogger RAA said...

O que será :)*s ?

6:14 da tarde  
Blogger kimikkal said...


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